Brady Buckley, Founder And Managing Partner, Quancy Teal, Operations and Managing Partner, Distribution DirectBrady Buckley, Founder And Managing Partner, Quancy Teal, Operations and Managing Partner
As customer expectations evolve, new e-commerce brands must evolve to meet demands and ensure consumer satisfaction. Today, customers expect speed, accuracy, and real-time support. As a result, businesses must understand these priorities in order to succeed. Although many companies try to keep up with e-commerce giants by setting up in-house supply-chain teams, not all of them are successful.

Why? The ‘do it yourself’ route requires significant investment in facilities, people, and technology.
This is where Distribution Direct, an e-commerce fulfillment and warehousing service provider, steps in. The company is a trusted outsourcing partner that can efficiently manage order fulfillment, distribution, warehousing, and customer support.

“Distribution Direct is a pioneer in providing outsourcing services in e-commerce fulfillment,” mentions Brady Buckley, founder and managing partner of Distribution Direct.

Distribution Direct is a sought-after partner for international companies trying to enter the U.S. market. More than a dozen global companies currently utilize their warehousing and fulfillment services in North America. By offering e-commerce fulfillment and warehousing services to such companies, Distribution Direct handles the details so business owners can focus on the big picture. Vendors seeking to reduce fulfillment costs consistently choose Distribution Direct as well. According to Buckley, as e-commerce giants, such as Amazon, require costly service fees, vendors are looking for new alternatives. Against this backdrop, Distribution Direct offers a competitive alternative to deliver products to consumers. They come with a success-based pricing model that allows them to grow with the client’s business by charging for orders and transactions. As Buckley likes to quote, “Our customers' success is our success”. With that being said, “every ounce of energy we have goes into ensuring our clients success”.

Distribution Direct separates itself from the competition by providing additional personalized services in addition to warehousing and fulfillment. Their team handles client’s needs with a dedicated in-house call center, email support, sales rep support, and trouble ticket reporting for their clients. As they become the voice of their clients, their clients can then focus more on growing the business without worrying about logistics, back office, and customer service.

Distribution Direct is a pioneer in providing outsourcing services in e-commerce fulfillment

“We listen to our clients and set them up for success; we don’t try to shoehorn them into a particular process,” mentions Buckley. For that reason, Distribution Direct leverages a seamless onboarding process that helps them understand the clients’ diverse business needs. They communicate with the clients extensively to understand the business processes, shipping volumes, and past order volumes. Moreover, Distribution Direct makes use of an advanced warehouse management system to ensure seamless handling of clients’ needs. An independent onboarding team collects the customer data and uploads the information into their system. The webbased warehouse management system allows clients to view their inventory, orders, and other critical information in real-time.

In one instance, a leading men’s apparel manufacturer approached Distribution Direct for fulfillment and warehousing services. As the client was new to the North American market, they required a trustworthy partner capable of handling the volume of their orders efficiently. Upon onboarding, Distribution Direct began to service the manufacturer’s 700+ brick and mortar locations across the country. This client now trusts DD to handle over 10,000 different SKUs. When the client expanded their business in the U.S, they chose Distribution Direct to provide financial services and backoffice services to their customers as well.

Distribution Direct’s team plays a pivotal role in supporting the client's success. For that reason, Distribution Direct builds their team around employees who are passionate about their work and overall success. Employees at Distribution Direct are not only experienced in customer service, but the infrastructure of their back-office ensures customer satisfaction. Such a team allows them to provide a seamless and efficient service that exceeds their clients’ expectations.