Khalid Lemlih, President, Montage FulfillmentKhalid Lemlih, President
E-commerce businesses have a lot on their plate these days! Suppliers, stocks, storage, orders, distribution, packaging, transport, and delivery—the whole gamut. And, their plates are overflowing with more and more people opting to place orders online and expecting timely doorstep deliveries. Their priority, however, remains the same: to ensure last-mile delivery with speed and accuracy. This becomes challenging as consumer demands tend to occasionally fluctuate, signaling the need for flexibility in operations. These challenges leave e-commerce businesses with hardly any breathing space.

Consequently, they start spending massive time and resources in managing their supply chain when they should be focusing on managing their business.

Against this challenging backdrop, having a partner like Montage Fulfillment, which offers a much-needed respite for e-commerce businesses overwhelmed with retail fulfillment issues, makes all the difference. From managing warehouses to providing live updates on inventory, tagging and tracking shipments, to packaging and delivering orders, the California-based third-party logistics (3PL) company provides A-to-Z retail fulfillment solutions to e-commerce businesses. Dedicated to devising personalized solutions, Montage holds consulting sessions with their customers to better understand their unique challenges and provides customized recommendations. “It’s about listening to customers’ issues and challenges and coming up with solutions that are tailored to each customer,” says Paul Reglero, IT Director, Montage Fulfillment.

Montage works to implement these solutions aided by their assortment of state-of-the-art technologies like Manhattan Scale warehouse management system (WMS), IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Translator, Tableau, and much more. Armed with these technologies and value-added services like lot control, serialization, quality assurance, packaging, labeling, and returns processing, Montage also assists e-commerce companies in solving technical issues in their supply chain.

We pride ourselves in having a good, solid IT team in-house that understands exactly our business, our customers’ business, and the needs and status of each customer’s issues

To highlight the effectiveness of Montage’s solutions and services, Khalid Lemlih, president of the firm, cites an instance where one of Montage’s clients wanted an accurate, live view of their inventory and orders. Discovering a lack of Electronic Product Code (EPC) on their customer’s products, Montage placed EPCs on them as soon as they arrived in the warehouses and mapped them to their database. When an order was placed, the EPC on the product was scanned before it was packed and shipped. Further, Montage also set EPCs on their customers’ products in overseas production sites. This led to efficient tracking of stocks and shipments on a real-time basis from when they arrived in the warehouses.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and an in-house IT team, Montage has the capability to take over the entire supply chain of e-commerce companies, streamlining their inventory management processes and ensuring quick and efficient shipping and delivery. “We pride ourselves in having a good, solid IT team in-house that understands exactly our business, our customers’ business, and the needs and status of each customer’s issues,” Lemlih informs, with Reglero adding that this gives Montage more flexibility on the technical side. Additionally, their IT team has operational knowledge as well, which further helps in efficiently configuring the technologies in-house as per operational and customers’ needs.

Employing a systematic approach to understanding their customers’ requirements and devising streamlined processes to fulfil them are the hallmarks of Montage. To that end, the firm works toward integrating their customers’ system with their own system so that communicating inventory levels and status of orders becomes an automated, hassle-free process. That’s undoubtedly a massive load off the shoulders of any e-commerce business.
Evidently, Montage aims to continue using automation to make their processes more efficient and provide better services to customers. Lemlih further informs that they intend to heavily automate their system in the next few years and plan to get into material handling automation, which will add yet another feather to Montage’s cap. But that’s not all, as Lemlih asserts, “We have already implemented several new systems within our company, but there’s a lot more to go.” Clearly, Montage is here to continually innovate and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce fulfillment!